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Obj-C is a great programming language that worked well for years but it also had its flaws. Thus, a decision was made to not switch to another existing language, but to create a new one altogether that could be used and modified deeply by Apple along with the participation of the open-source community. From the earliest versions of Swift, Apple urged developers to give it a try and give their feedback. As an example, WWDC conferences switched their live code demo sessions from Obj-C ASAP to show the capabilities of the new language. For many years, software engineers who work with iOS were advised to use the so-called Apple MVC architecture pattern in their applications.

Obj-C has an extensive library to back its open-source developer ecosystem. The CoreData object class migration does not require significant changes to the schema. One of the reasons to develop Swift was the new generation of software engineers who were already used to the convenience of modern programming languages. Moreover, new engineers willing to work on a project for the experience and expertise of senior colleagues simply do not know Obj-C at all.

  • Apple lovers stress such key issues as simplicity and high level of safety.
  • Essentially, you will get the workspace with multiple projects inside, which will depend on one another, and framework projects can be rebuilt.
  • You mentioned career, so you are the one that needs to answer that question.
  • But I think we have to consider why Swift exists in the first place.
  • Developers compose less or short liner code, whether, the code much simple to read and understand.
  • The automatic trash collector runs in its own string, simultaneously with the application code.

Swift programming is beyond their expectations as it can offer them a versatile solution in iOS development. Runtime mainly includes dynamic identification , Add properties dynamically , Dynamic add method , Dynamic exchange method to achieve . For those supporting older apps and code bases, it’ll be like the move to 64bit iOS apps and the removal of 32bit apps from the store. If you still need to support internal 32bit then an older Mac with older OS and Xcode would be needed. Ah, Fortran 77 with punch cards, my first language in 1969. You mentioned career, so you are the one that needs to answer that question.


Obj-C and Cocoa Touch use NSError objects to inform of runtime errors which are expected. You can also create your instances of NSError objects and define exceptions. Dynamic Typing and Binding enables objects to receive non-specified class interface messages.

When it comes to validating a mobile app idea, it’s better to turn to professionals like JatApp. We have talented specialists that do the market research, define your target audience, and specify the problems swift vs objective c your app solves. Next, our developers build an MVP to validate the solution on the market. In fact, there isn’t a specific answer to this question since everything depends on the project itself.

Advantages of Objective-C

As Objective C is a superset of C thus, the code of C and C++ runs smoothly on this. This article provides a detailed Swift vs Objective-C comparison, which shows the main advantages and disadvantages of a particular language. This article gives you a glimpse of the many aspects you need to consider based on your specific project and team. If you follow these recommendations, keep in mind the key aspects herein to make the process of changing Objective-C to Swift as smooth as possible. Considering everything we’ve laid out in this article, you can move forward with planning the best approach to use for specific projects.


For this reason, some programmers find it difficult to decide, which the best option is. Both languages work in the same way when it comes to Cocoa frameworks. Developers share numerous opinions regarding Swift and share their experience to decide, which language is eventually better. Some choose to opt for a newly introduced language due to its performance aspects. Apple lovers stress such key issues as simplicity and high level of safety.

C and Smalltalk and this is the reason why it has a complicated syntax. There are a lot of other things that can go wrong or give you some discreet benefits when moving the project from Objective-C to Swift. The main thing to keep in mind is that you will have to deal with complications by spending more of the engineering team’s time to solve them but in the end, things will be worth it. As the saying goes, it is never late to make things right and this is a good place to start doing so. As a new feature of iOS 14, Apple presented a changed Life Cycle approach which no longer uses AppDelegate or the SceneDelegate. Instead, it completely relies on new App protocol confirmation based on SwiftUI.

The SwiftUI app is recommended to be based on the MVVM architecture pattern. If your project was written considering Apple MVC as it was previously suggested by Apple itself, then it will be the next step to consider. Swift already provides powerful tools to solve many of the problems were runtime programming would be used in Objective-C, but they require a different approach. While true that runtime programming allows developers to write shorter programs and remove a lot of boilerplate, it is a double-edged sword and may be the cause of hard to find issues. Kotlin is the best alternative to Java, it’s an open-source language invented in 2011.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Validate My Mobile App Idea?

This is what you should be knowing about Swift 5.0 and SwiftUI. You might not be informed enough to understand that the Darwin core and even the new TextKit2 is written in this languages. You can’t replace an architecture without removing but you don’t need to replace a language with the same binary object model. Also the business logic behind the Catalina 32-bit end was just to get the bad marketing out of the Arm switch. Everyone blames Catalina now for breaking incompatibility. The issue is Apple having to support 2 development languages and along with that all those people involved in keeping both system alive.

Is a fairly new language, developed and released by Apple in 2014. It is totally compatible with Objective-C in developing Cocoa Touch. As a developer, you can create mixed-language apps by alternating between Swift and Objective-C. Swift has almost all the advantages of Objective-C plus a lot more room for development. Anyway, apparently Swift is the Apple’s chosen programming language.

If the Obj-C language were abolished today, all of the apps in the app store would still run, because macOS would still contain the Obj-C runtime . Swift Playgrounds further opens up new vistas for interactive and experimental app wireframing; this allows developers to iterate more diverse types of apps leveraging new techs like IoT and Cloud services. As a still-evolving language, Swift is not as stable as Obj-C when working with custom APIs. Swift’s compiler allows programmers to fix errors as they write, which helps resolve bugs before they occur and results in stable app-builds. Swift features an easy-to-learn syntax that eschews the use of the ‘@’ in front of keywords. It further unifies keywords by removing the use of ‘;’ and ‘’.

Advantages of Objective-C

Essentially, you will get the workspace with multiple projects inside, which will depend on one another, and framework projects can be rebuilt. In addition, you need to consider generated headers that contain interfaces for Swift declarations marked with the public or open modifier. If your app target has an Objective-C bridging header, a generated header also includes interfaces marked with the internal modifier.

Swift supports Apple platforms such as iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Swift’s LLVM compiler does permit Android app development using frameworks such as Scade, SwiftCore, Dispatch, and SwiftFoundation, but there is no support from Apple in this regard. Code reusability, syntax readability, and OOP modular programming conventions enable you to update app-code, improve business logic, and add new features as per requirement. Launched in 2014 by Apple as an open-source programming language for iOS, Mac, Linux, and later on Windows and Android web and mobile programs.

This would work well with large projects which are now updated or extended. This would allow you to take complete advantage of the Objective-C codebase. What is an inline function An inline function is a function that uses inline Keyword decorated function . Functions defined within a class are default to inline functions .

Namespace Is Not Supported

JetBrains required a less difficult device than other programming languages to work with its fundamental item, called IntelliJ IDEA, completely written in it. Software developers can utilize Kotlin development platform for the well functional programming. Scroll down and grab more about the usefulness of Kotlin development services.

What Is The Future Of Objective

We can also see that Swift is the second most starred language. Swift consists of abundant resources to help every developer accelerate better adoption. It also has a huge set of podcasts, community guidelines, real-life courses, Swift playgrounds with gamification for the learning experience. This would also allow code sharing and reusing extensively. This can speed up your development process and reduce your overall development efforts. A superior user experience is paramount in any business’s customer experience strategy.

Swift is a mature language and most issues are already solved in common ways. An ideal programming language for building Web-fronted apps for mobile devices, HTML5 is the latest HTML version. The core of today’s business technology, iOS mobile app development offers incredible benefits to businesses of all sizes. While Android apps also have their advantages, there are compelling reasons why releasing your business app primarily on iOS can be more beneficial. Zibtek helps businesses in various industries build new technical capabilities, improve customer relationships, and enter new markets, all through custom iOS app solutions.


Apple did say they will support it, and have no plans of removing it. Good to learn all the languages naturally, but be aware swift is still a giant mess. Obj-C is quite saturated as a language but Swift has only begun to evolve.

It means that you will never be able to obtain results that describe operation performance dynamics regarding the amount of elements within a separate structure instance. At the same time, you will hardly be able to proceed with an efficient optimization of Objective-C. Dynamic languages are tended to operate much slower if compared with static languages.

Overall, there are two ways to move your app from Obj-C to Swift. You can either have both languages on one project or rewrite a project to Swift separately. One thing to keep in view is that nobody in the world maintains more Objective-C code than Apple. Core Data alone probably has more dynamic tricks up its sleeve than the rest of the ecosystem combined.

In a perfect world, your code written with SOLID in mind and fully covered with unit tests is easy to move from one language to another as they are seamlessly incorporated into the iOS SDK. In most of cases, you will have to do some, if not a lot of, refactoring in order to make it happen. Starting with the earliest versions of Swift, Apple provided mechanisms to call code written in one language from another since both languages are compiled and the main role here is played by special Headers.


The automatic trash collector runs in its own string, simultaneously with the application code. It utilizes a generational model to improve its proficiency by focusing in need memory zones that are bound to be trash. It works for objects and furthermore for memory blocks allotted with the NSAllocateCollactable() and comparable capacities. Malloc() fills in obviously, giving power over memory not managed by the trash collector.

It is clear, that none of the rookies should take any opinion for granted. Join us for more information and find out the difference between Swift and Objective-C. If compared with Objective-C, which has almost reached its 30-year edge, Swift 1.0 may be considered as a relatively new programming language. On the other hand, it has a huge number of fans among developers despite the fact it is far from being as mature as its predecessor is. Swift language and Objective-C are compatible with each other. The comparison of Swift and Objective C plays a major role.

Apple provides the functionality of bridging headers to call code from both languages but it is as simple as it sounds. This functionality allows the implementation of partial transition and inclusion of code on one language into the project written on another. On the downside, this interconnection might cause build issues and problems with cocoapods integration. Simpler syntax is what makes code written in Swift programming language easy to read and understand.

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